Will SEL Help in the Classroom? Take This Poll

Social-emotional learning tends to be a buzz phrase lately. It’s being brought up at more teacher workshops around the globe as teachers and administrators want to give students the best possible experience. However, is it something that can help inside your classroom? At Eldventir, we have a poll for you to take.

  1. Do any of your students feel as though they’re being bullied?
  2. Is it hard to get group activities going because students don’t get along?
  3. Do students fail to raise their hand in class for fear of being teased?
  4. If your students were left alone for a day, would they function appropriately?
  5. Are they failing to retain a bulk of the classroom information you feed to them daily?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these, social-emotional learning absolutely can make a difference in the classroom. You have to look at how you’re feeding information to your students and how they’re able to make positive relationships.

Students aren’t being taught empathy and other important life skills in the home in the same way that they were 10 years ago. This means that the job of a teacher just became a lot harder.

How are you supposed to teach core subjects and manage emotions? It may seem as though you have to choose between one or the other. However, this is not accurate. Social-emotional learning is an approach that will allow you to teach the core competencies to students while also helping children to understand and manage emotions. As students learn to manage their emotions, you’ll find that they are better in group activities, are less likely to bully other students, and can maintain more positive relationships.

You are not on your own. You don’t need a psych degree to figure this out. Eldventir is an SEL platform that allows you to weave in skills-based lessons that will build effective social patterns and build personal confidence in students.

Group activities in the classroom can become more bearable because of having students respect one another. You can have middle school-aged students learn about empathy, anger management, responsible decision making, and positive relationships.

Eldventir offers a variety of resources for you to use in the classroom:

  • Comics
  • Storytelling
  • Mental maps
  • Drawing tools
  • Questionnaires
  • Videos
  • And more

The online educational platform is something that can be used in the classroom .You can, then, see progress analysis of your students to see how well they’re growing as a result of using social-emotional learning in the classroom.

Ultimately, implementing Eldventir as an SEL platform can be a game-changer so that you can take back your classroom and ensure that your students are learning and growing into well-balanced adults.

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