What is the role of a school counselor?

School counselors play a key role in helping students and families make the most out of school and a student’s future. They are experts in child development and the interplay of academic, social/emotional, and career growth. Also, they are in the nation to serve students and help them become the brightest and the best they can be.

The US Department of Education made an emotional video entitled “As a school counselor, I want my students to know ...”. In it, the finalists of the National School Counselor of the Year shared this powerful message to the students:

School Counselors are the experts who students can turn to. According to the US Department, here are their characteristics and tasks:

Why School Counselors? Where are School Counselors? What do School Counselors provide?
  • Training in career development through graduate work and professional development.
  • In many districts in the country.
  • Career and post-secondary planning lessons.
  • Knowledge of all things career-related and accessibility to resources.
  • In high schools and often in elementary and middle schools.
  • Parent information nights.
  • Expertise in child development and the interplay of academic, social/emotional, and career growth.
  • In classrooms, offices, hallways, and cafeterias working tirelessly on behalf of students.
  • Career-related materials.
  • Individual planning conferences.
  • Exposure to various career pathways and post-secondary options.

Source: Ed.gov

On the journey to adulthood, children and teenagers can benefit from school counselors; experts in bringing support to students in areas such as school safety, personal/social issues and the development of skills to overcome social-emotional challenges. Today, educators and school counselors feel powerless towards implementing SEL, also, they suffer due to inadequate time in the classroom to implement the SEL curriculum.

School counselors want to implement a successful socio-emotional program to improve positive relationships inside and outside the school and develop positive behaviors in their students. With Eldventir Adventures SEL Platform, school counselors provide and develop social-emotional skills, such as empathy, anger management, and positive relationships.

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