Useful tips for educators to address bullying at school

Whether you are a teacher, principal or a school counselor, you must work with the students to support the development of interpersonal skills to respect themselves and others. Between 1 in 4 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school, so, how educators can intervene to tackle bullying?

We have compiled some tips. Our sources include the Model Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan created by  the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts and National Education Association (NEA):

  1. Promoting and modeling the use of respectful language.
  2. Teaching students skills including positive communication, anger management, and empathy for others.
  3. Maintaining a safe and caring classroom for all students.
  4. Building relationships and communicating with families.
  5. Using positive behavioral intervention strategies.
  6. Fostering an understanding of and respect for diversity and difference.
  7. Empowering your students to “be the change”, not only at school, but also at home and online.
  8. Supporting victims of emotional and physical violence, educate every member of a school.
  9. Implementing programs to develop social emotional skills in your students.
  10. Be familiar with your school’s anti-bullying policy or SOP. If there is none in your school, it is essential to draw up one.
  11. Developing strategies for bullying prevention.
  12. Dealing with students individually. Don’t attempt to sort out the facts while everyone is present.
  13. Don’t minimizing the impact of bullying.

Bullying is a major problem in schools across the United States. Forty nine states in the US have passed anti bullying legislation focused on bullying. Georgia was the first state to pass such legislation in 1999.

Bullying also has a real cost. A report by the National Education Association claims that over 160,000 children miss school every day because of fear of being bullied at school. The National Association of Secondary School Principals report that this lower attendance can cost up to 2.3 millions dollars a year, per public school.

If you work with students in any capacity, it is important to learn the proper ways to address bullying. Visit Eldventir for information and contact to run a free pilot.


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