How do young people face the pandemic today?

The self-care of emotions is a must in the life of teenagers

If you have children between 13 and 17 years old, you should know that confinement translated into social distancing can bring severe depressive symptoms such as apathy and lack of motivation; that is, an emotional problem.

The pandemic has changed our lives quickly and drastically in many ways: people are losing jobs; from one day to the next, the face-to-face social interaction was interrupted, generating a break in our way of walking and living together. We are all in the process of adaptation that challenges our capacities for tolerance, creativity, time efficiency, and emotional recognition and management.

We who are parents want to make sure that our children face this situation in the best possible way, with health and encouragement. It is not enough to provide love, care, food, time, and attention.

How do young people face the pandemic today?

Our children are losing events and experiences that help shape their lives, emotional ties, routines, and even the possibility of experiencing, getting it right, and making mistakes, outside the home. The graduation party they longed for is gone; school dances and gatherings between friends are now missing. Hobbies and long-term projects have disrupted with canceled theater and sports activities. Academic life has changed radically, among other areas in which they found motivation and were part of their development.

Adolescents have low moods, apathy, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and emotions that require identification and attention. It is necessary to find how they learn to relax and be self-motivated, to be resilient, and to control their emotions so as not to despair or overflow with feelings and thoughts that harm their health.

The emotional well-being of children is the most important thing for parents. There are easy implementation and self-learning alternatives today. SELf-care Toolkit is an option that is free and has developed to address the emotional problems derived from this pandemic.

SEL HOME works for the well-being of your children and your family, do not hesitate to contact us.

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