Part I: The Importance of Making Good Decisions

The article impresses upon the importance of good decisions and why students need to learn how to make them.

Decision-making is a skill. Life is a series of decisions, their consequences, and more decisions in response to those consequences. So, when life presents an opportunity to make a decision, an individual should have the skill to make good decisions and make them quickly. This skill must be acquired from a young age, and social-emotional learning programs like SEL Adventures help students to do just that. The importance of making good decisions in life cannot be stressed enough. Let’s break it down to understand it better.

Long-term Impact

Every decision you make has a bearing on your future. It may take only a few seconds for a student to make a decision, but its impact may last a lifetime. One of the signs of a good decision is that it is taken after due deliberation. So, students should be taught the importance of taking their time to analyze a situation first and then make an informed decision. After all, one good decision can help students to push forward in life and become the individuals they want to. It also helps them avoid regrets and live a life they had always dreamed of.

Creating Leaders

Leaders have the aptitude for decision-making. They make good decisions, and for this reason, people trust them to lead. It falls upon the schools and parents of today to create the leaders of tomorrow. So, they must teach their kids to make good decisions. Leaders do not take decisions only when a problem presents itself to them. They make decisions when they want to change the status quo.

It’s a Life Skill

Good decisions create a better tomorrow. With problems like substance abuse, high dropout rates, and shocking suicide rates, there is a dire need for good decision-making skills among students. They should be able to understand others’ intentions, weigh in the consequences, and then make good decisions. This will allow them to have a fulfilling childhood and a successful future.

Making a Difference

Although we have full control over the decisions we make, we do not always have control over the impact of those decisions on other people. Good decisions help people to have a positive effect on the lives of others too. An elder sibling can guide the younger one in making good decisions. Those decisions can include pursuing higher studies, following a passion, investing time in self-improvement, or something else. Good decisions snowball and help improve lives.

Good decision-making is an integral part of everyday life. Students need role models to understand, appreciate, and learn good decision-making. Schools can also adopt programs like SEL Adventures that teach students the makings of a good decision and provide teachers with a structured curriculum to teach in classrooms.

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