The 6 best digital technologies that change how GenZ learns

Today’s learners have different learning styles, a new attitude to the learning process, and higher requirements for teaching and learning.

According to the study “Gamification in Education”, modern pedagogical paradigms and trends in education, create prerequisites for the use of new approaches and techniques in order to implement active learning, and Gamification.

Digital technologies have the power to change how GenZ learns and develops SEL skills.

Here are some of the most popular apps and channels in Education:

  1. Edventir SEL Platform

Gamification is using game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage students, motivate action, promote learning, and solve a problem. Eldventir is an innovative social-emotional learning platform that accelerates how students learn and grow socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Learn more about how to implement Eldventir SEL Platform within your school

  1. The King of Random (10.4 Million Subscribers)

This channel is dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects. Experiments and activities that promise to “think outside the box”, help students to develop their creative thinking and generate new ideas through innovation.

  1. National Geographic (9.7 Million Subscribers)

This channel is dedicated to inspiring people to care about the planet. Teaching children to take care of and respect their home can prepare them to make environmentally responsible decisions.

  1. Crash Course (8.5 Million Subscribers)

This channel is specialized in offering courses on different topics such as sociology, computer science, games, economics, U.S, ecology, chemistry, and psychology. A new report entitled “Beyond Millennials: The Next Generation of Learners” revealed Generation Z is significantly more interested in learning through YouTube and videos than the millennial generation that preceded it.

  1. Ted-Ed (7.8 Million Subscribers)

TED-Ed’s commitment to creating lessons worth sharing is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. Within TED-Ed’s growing library of TED-Ed animations, you will find carefully curated educational videos, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website (

  1. SciShow (5.3 Million Subscribers)

SciShow explores the unexpected. Seven days a week, Hank Green, Michael Aranda, and Olivia Gordon delve into the scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us even more curious!  


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