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Part I: What Tools Do Students Need to Become Good Future Planners?

It is no secret that teaching kids how to plan is a step towards ensuring that they are successful in the future. So, it is clearly important. Teachers, parents and schools have to ensure that their students have all the tools to ensure that they can put together a good future plan. What are those tools and how can the adults train the children to use them? Let’s find out.

Thinking Ahead

It is imperative that teachers and parents demand of students to have some kind of a plan in place for the day or the week. Provide them a diary, white board or a smart screen where they can jot down a rudimentary plan. Since it is the beginning, the plan need not be extensive, but it needs to be written down. It will make students start thinking about their day. As the exercise goes on, they will be able to hone the skill, think more clearly, and plan more precisely.

Time Management

Future Planning requires a good sense of time management, which students have to learn. Even adults have a difficult time dividing their time between different activities. So, teaching children time management can be the difference between their success and failure in life. Parents should ask kids to set their times for meals, bedtime, studies, and more. Reward them to sticking to their schedules. This will help them connect time management to a rewarding behavior and encourage them to develop it as a skill.


Another important aspect of raising good future planners is learning the art of organization. Ask your children to organize their books, toys, video games, or any other part of their life. Teachers can create games that require students to learn skills of organization in class. Introduce them to different methods of organization and let them create some of their own.

When kids learn to organize, it is easier for them to stick to the ambitious future plan with ease. They learn how to compartmentalize and gain clarity where most untrained minds can’t. This helps them to create a foundation to build a future on.

Future Planners Start Today

Arming students of today with the right tools to plan their future is a gift. It is common for kids to dream to become astronauts, international players, doctors, engineers, artists, and more. However, when they know how to do future planning, they can actually chart out a course to becoming one. When they do, they also unravel the skills they need to be a part of these professions. This is huge because they are then better placed to switch their decisions and pick a path more suited to their strengths.

Teachers and parents need to help their students find their talent for future planning. They can also take help from structured programs like SEL Adventures to teach these skills more effectively.

The program on Future Planning is one of the skills present in the SEL Adventures Addiction Prevention Program and it contains lessons on the basics of planning, establishing goals, and achieving them. It helps students envision a future and understand the significance of staying away from addictive substance and anti-social elements. Good future planning is a potent skill and can transform the way our children lead their lives. It is essential that the skill is taught.