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3 Tips for Getting Students to Work Together

Getting students to work together can have some amazing benefits. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so teamwork allows everyone to put their best foot forward. Additionally, group projects can make it easier to focus on social-emotional components. When people learn to value each other, you’re less likely to see bullying and other negative behavior.

At Eldventir Adventures, for example, you can introduce a platform that helps to develop life skills, including working together. After all, anyone who decides to go into the workforce will need to learn to work with people and overcome differences.

There are a few tips that can help you to get your students to work together more effectively.

#1: Assign Roles

Rather than letting everyone pick their own group, assign roles. This will ensure that you don’t encounter cliques or inadvertently end up with someone who isn’t picked by any of the groups. Plus, this gives you the chance to balance out the different personalities so that you don’t have too many outgoing students in one group or too many of the class bullies in another. It’s also a good idea for one person to identify themselves as the group leader so that someone is in charge of keeping the focus of the group.

#2: Introduce Different Types of Activities

One group activity may work better than another for your students. Don’t focus on only one type of activity for the entire year. Instead, try out a few different ones. It will make it easier for you to find out which ones work more effectively. Plus, some students may stand out with certain ones. Consider such group activities as scavenger hunts, book reports, presentations, and building projects.

#3: Grade Accordingly

You don’t want to get into a situation where someone does all of the work and everyone gets an A. Instead, be sure that you grade accordingly so that everyone will want to take an active role in the activity. Ask everyone individually what they contributed towards the project. If you have more than one student taking credit for one specific area, you can identify that there is a problem. Further, students will know that they are going to have to list their contributions and will, therefore, be more likely to contribute in order to get the grade.

Explore Eldventir Adventures Platform as a solution for developing life skills. You’ll find that there are a number of resources that can help you build empathy, positive relationships, and more with your students. They’ll be able to use drawing tools, storyboards, and other resources to become better at group projects and have a better balance in regards to their social-emotional health.

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McGraw-Hill presented new research titled “Education’s 2018 Social and Emotional Learning Report. In this paper, the organization analyses the impact of social-emotional learning in students and the challenges that principals and teachers have to effectively implement programs based in the development of life skills, such as collaborative work, empathy or self-management.

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