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Social-Emotional Learning is Vital for All Students to Prevent Addiction

Many people see addiction, either to drugs or alcohol, as something that only happens to the “troubled” students. However, the statistics speak otherwise.

E-cigarette users in middle schools and high schools increased from 1.5 million between 2017 and 2018. Over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Over 90 percent of that 20 million began drinking, smoking, or using drugs before they turned 18.

But why?

Most addictions can be traced back to peer pressure, stress, and depression. For instance, Vaping is considered ‘cool’ by teenagers, who get addicted to smoking early on and later find it hard to quit. It can also be attributed to the easy availability of various substances. Juul, a type of e-cigarette comes in discreet forms that are hardly recognizable. So, students can easily indulge in juuling whenever they want.

Banning these substances may not be the best idea. It is important to communicate with the students in a manner they understand. Social-emotional learning, therefore, becomes an important lesson to focus on with middle schoolers. This is the age where they’re most likely to try alcohol or drugs for the first time. Delaying this and showing them that there are healthier ways to deal with their anger or depression can prevent them from gaining addictions later on in life.

SEL Adventures is an SEL platform that allows students to learn the various aspects of social-emotional learning. It’s presented to the classroom as a whole to ensure that every student benefits from the material being presented. More so, the material is presented in a variety of ways so that students don’t feel as though they’re being lectured.

Through the use of fantasy characters and fun curriculums, students learn how to make more positive decisions, form healthier relationships, and develop empathy for one another. As a result, they’re less likely to be peer pressured into trying drugs or turn to alcohol as a way to deal with their problems.

Particularly when you look at how the statistics show that Americans often begin making decisions that lead to addictions starting at 12 or over, it’s clear that social-emotional learning has to be introduced in middle school. SEL Adventures offers versatile lesson plans that allow schools to incorporate the lessons as needed. They can be adapted to fit the existing curriculum. Further, the online platform makes it possible to introduce the material without developing new lesson plans. It’s all created already, which makes it possible for the teachers to follow along.

Students need some kind of support to learn about addiction prevention methods. Simply telling kids “don’t do drugs” isn’t going to cut it. They need to learn about healthy ways to deal with stress. They need to know how to establish healthy relationships.

Addiction statistics aren’t improving. One hundred people die from drug overdoses every day, which is a rate that has tripled in the past two decades. With social-emotional learning, such as what SEL Adventures offers, it’s possible to start decreasing those rates once and for all.


SEL Adventures Sponsors GG4L for Deploying More EdTech

Classroom environments are quickly changing, and one of the primary drivers of this positive change are EdTech products. Global Grid for Learning (GGL4) is a public organization that enables schools to adopt sustainable and useful EdTech solutions. The organization also leads the ‘Safer Schools in America’ (SSA) initiative to disperse information about school safety and personal safety. The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Adventures platform is also a part of the SSA now. The students benefit from the synergies between the shared goals of the SEL Adventures Platform and GG4L.

More Manageable EdTech

One of the main priorities of GG4L is to make it more manageable for schools to get their data connections under a single management console. It can help to reduce operational expenses while being able to monitor progress within each area too. As such, it would allow a school to use SEL Adventures, along with other EdTech products. SEL Adventures, specifically, can help reduce bullying rates and enable students to make healthier decisions while other programs can help to boost literacy rates, math scores, and more.

Rather than logging into each application separately, GG4L serves as a single dashboard. From there, schools can track the progress of their students. Imagine being able to see how each application is helping your students.

Safe Connections

Data is a critical aspect of EdTech. Students are logging in from mobile devices. Various forms of data are being sent to the student and sent to the classroom and the school. SEL Adventures focuses on the macro data instead of the individual, and GG4L provides a secure atmosphere so that districts can choose what data is and isn’t shared. It allows them to maintain data privacy in the areas where it matters most.

GG4L has become a game changer when it comes to creating a collaborative platform to introduce more educational technology into classrooms. With SEL Adventures, Middle schoolers can focus on fun animated characters by interacting with videos and comic strips while learning about morals and ethics. Their progress is measured and sent to a dashboard, allowing teachers, faculty, and even district personnel see the statistics. There’s no more wondering about whether students are getting the right lesson plans. Teachers have more access to various forms of teaching so that students are more likely to stay interested in the curriculum. On-demand applications like SEL Platform can be deployed fast by connecting to the global grid that GG4L has created.

Aligns with CASEL 5 Competencies

SEL Adventures is designed following the CASEL competencies to reach more students so that more are learning how to be well-rounded individuals who can make a difference in their communities. It is designed to educate students about self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness.

SEL Adventures & GGL4

With SEL Adventures sponsoring GG4L, the goal is to give all qualified schools, and students access to the SEL curriculum that SEL Adventures Platform has developed. Their financial background should not stop them from benefitting from the expertly designed learning experience that is SEL Adventures.


Why Students Need SEL Training in Their Lives

SEL training is beneficial for each and every one of your students. While you may have a number of students who you deem as problematic students, there are also students that are still learning who they are and where they fit into the world. Incorporating social-emotional learning in the classroom allows students to be more mindful of who they are and how they interact with others.

When the parents are too busy to be involved with the students’ education, you have to wonder if they’re too busy with other things, like teaching right from wrong and addressing general behavioral issues. As a teacher, you want to make sure that your students succeed. However, you question whether some students are going to make it as fully functioning adults.

When you want a better and safer school climate, SEL training can be exactly what your students need. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t teaching their kids morality lessons. By incorporating lessons into the school, you can be sure that students are getting what they need to contribute positively in society.

You have the ability to change a student’s behavior, which can impact the rest of their lives. With an introduction to CASEL social-emotional competencies, 83% of students are likely to see academic gains. You can teach them to set and achieve goals for themselves, show empathy towards others, maintain more positive relationships, and manage their emotions more effectively.

Consider these different skills for a moment, especially how it could help in the classroom. Some students may have emotional breakdowns on a regular basis. Others may turn their emotional breakdowns into aggression, which is when bullying starts to happen. With SEL Adventures more students can learn how to manage their emotions and start to show empathy for others.

This will allow students to have better relationships throughout middle school, high school, and beyond. They may be more apt to get involved in community projects, work well with others in the workforce, and much more.

In today’s society, you can no longer depend solely on parents teaching kids right from wrong. If you want to make improvements in your school, SEL training is a must. SEL Adventures is an online platform that can assist every step of the way. Students will have the ability to learn and manage what is going on inside of their minds and manage their feelings more effectively. SEL Adventures provides you with social-emotional learning content using a gamified learning experience. The interactive lessons can be adjusted based on what time you have available and what the students in your school needs.



Explore What the New SEL Adventures Website Has to Offer

SEL Adventures is excited to launch a new website, focusing on how changing a student’s behavior can impact their lives. Social-emotional learning is implemented through the SEL Adventures platform, all backed by the core CASEL competencies.

Our website includes a lot of statistics to ensure that schools see the value in introducing SEL skills in the classroom. For example, SEL skills can lead to a 13% higher academic performance. High school graduation rates can increase by as high as 6%, too.

What is EdTech?

SEL Adventures is the perfect example of EdTech, otherwise known as Educational Technology. It allows teachers to focus on social-emotional challenges inside of the classroom.

There are a few unique aspects of the SEL Adventures Model:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Gamified learning experience
  • Performance SEL tracker

Further, the SEL Adventures model has been recognized by the “Safer Schools in America Impact Grant” initiative.

The Programs

We have added a number of programs to our new website, ensuring that there is more for students and teachers alike.

  • School Climate Program (in English and Spanish)
  • Addiction Prevention Program (in English and Spanish)
  • Educators SEL Program

Implementation is of the utmost importance. Teachers will have tools that will help them to analyze and modify behavior in the classroom. The program is designed to be used weekly or biweekly for 50-minute sessions.

Middle school students can benefit from the classroom program by learning about empathy, decision making, anger management, and positive relationships.

In order to test out the programs and meet the SEL Adventures characters, a demo can be requested. All of the SEL Adventures characters are based on mythology and are easily relatable to middle school students. Due to the fantasy aspect, students are immediately drawn into the lessons.

The platform can be accessed via laptops, PCs, and tablets. It offers flexibility and lessons can be implemented without significant preparation, ensuring that teachers don’t have to spend hours on activity planning.


Our new SEL Adventures SEL platform website offers a significant amount of resources. If you have been looking for SEL training materials to introduce into a school district, a school, or a classroom, we have all of the information you need in order to present SEL Adventures to the decision makers. This includes a Slideshow for the Principal and the Teacher, white papers, and, of course, our blog.

We can’t wait to unveil the new website, providing you with more resources and more information about the various programs. Middle school students can get the training that they need while having fun with the material. Stay tuned for more about the website launch date.