Social-emotional learning support for all students


Brian Coleman, a school counselor and counseling department chair at Jones College Prep in Chicago, Ill., has been named the 2019 School Counselor of the Year by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). The School Counselor of the Year award honors professionals who devote their careers to advocating for the nation’s students and addressing their academic and social/emotional development and college and career readiness needs.

Coleman has a strong commitment towards ensuring that the school provides interdisciplinary social/emotional learning supports for all students. He collaborated with the school’s team to create an extensive social/emotional programming at freshman level as well as enhanced the school community’s awareness of social/emotional learning as an important facet of the high school experience.

Coleman is a graduate of Northwestern University and DePaul University. He has served as a school counselor at Jones College Prep since 2014. Coleman recognized that serving as a school counselor would provide him with daily opportunities to “support, validate and ensure the next generation of leaders and change agents”. “We have worked to create a broader awareness that students’ holistic well-being is just as important to their current and future successes”.


This is the second consecutive year that a Chicago Public School’s counselor has been given the national award. Coleman was one of six finalists that were selected for School Counselor of the Year, based on their ability to create systemic change within the profession through leadership, collaboration, and advocacy. All six finalists achieved increased student success through their comprehensive school counseling programs.

It is demonstrated that the implementation of an integrated social-emotional learning school program is vital for school counselors to improve pro-civil behaviors and a positive and safe school climate.

Eldventir SEL platform, a program that develops social-emotional skills in elementary and middle-school students, is the best ally for school counselors and school administrators. The platform is easy to use by educators, provides a gamified experience for students, and is simple to monitor by school authorities

Research has demonstrated that school-based programming in social-emotional learning (SEL) has been linked to a variety of benefits (short and long term). Please contact to run a free Empathy pilot within your school community.

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