How EdTech is Transforming The Classroom

Technology is everywhere you look, including classrooms across the country. Today’s classrooms don’t look like they did 10 years ago. Education technology is providing more tools for teachers to introduce lessons while providing students with the ability to learn in new and exciting ways. This is where SEL Adventures Platform comes into play.

Chalkboards, for example, are a thing of the past. They’ve been replaced with whiteboards and projectors where teachers can interact with the material on the board more effectively. Students can click on words, on links, and more. We might not have hoverboards yet, but we’re adding some exciting things to classrooms.

Textbooks are being eliminated, too. Instead, students are given personal devices, such as Kindles or laptops, allowing them to access all of their textbooks electronically. Highlighters are tossed to the side in favor of swiping their finger across a block of words. It’s changing the way kids interact with their learning material and it’s getting a big thumbs up from students everywhere.

Bots in the Classroom

Robots are actually showing up as secondary teachers. Some will read to students while others will help students with math, science, or something else. It gives students another way to interact with the lessons. Plus, students who need the added help can get it from a robot instead of a teacher. It frees the teacher up to work on other things while still ensuring that students get the one-on-one help that they need.

The bots can establish custom plans with the students so that every student gets the personalized help that they need, day after day. You can see how excited kids get when they see the bots. When a kid gets excited in the classroom, that tells you that edTech is working.

SEL in the Classroom

There’s more of a focus on social-emotional learning in the classroom, too. SEL Adventure is a learning platform that focuses on the CASEL competencies so that students learn about positive decision making, ethics, emotional management, and feeling empathy.

SEL Adventure is an online platform that is teacher-led with interactive lessons. Plus, there’s an SEL tracker that makes it possible for the administration to see the school progress and achievements within the classroom. This makes it easier to see how SEL is helping with grades, behavior, and even graduation rates.

While you can’t exactly allow video games to happen every day, you can focus on gamification a bit more, especially when you want a lesson plan to stick. The gamified learning experience ensures that it’s interactive and fun for the students. This is one of the biggest advances in EdTech. Kids love playing games because it’s what they’re used to. You don’t have to ask them to step out of their comfort zone.

Most students, when they’re at home, have game consoles or smartphones that they play games on. As such, they know about the concept of earning high scores, competing against others, and more. EdTech plays on this knowledge and gamifies more things so that students are more likely to tune in. With SEL Adventures, the classroom experience can be transformed so that there’s more educational technology while also teaching students social-emotional aspects that will help them in the outside world.


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