How to Determine if Your Students are Prepared for Life Challenges

While you never want to admit it, there are likely students in your classroom that can be easily identified as “bad seeds.” They make poor decisions, they get angry easily, and they are bullies. If you don’t show them how to be empathetic and form positive relationships now, they’ll be ill-equipped to do so as adults.

There are plenty of challenges that you have to face through life. Starting in middle school is just the beginning. If the “bad seeds” are struggling now, think about how they’ll handle driving in traffic, working with co-workers on the job, and raising their own children.

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a concept that is entering more and more classrooms. It makes it easier to teach empathy, anger management, and responsible decision making.

Consider some scenarios to determine if your students are truly prepared for the challenges they’re going to face in life.


A child in your class is bullying students that are unlike them. They tease and they may even be getting physical. While the first instinct may be to send them to the principal’s office, the better idea is to look at why they’re doing it. Showing them how to form more positive relationships will ensure that they grow up to support others instead of tearing them down.

Upset Students

A student is upset. They’re crying or visibly upset about something. Take a look at what the other students are doing. If everyone is minding their own business, it’s a sign that the students don’t understand empathy very well. Bullying can be stopped faster when students are empathetic towards one another.

Mini Rages

If you have ever seen a student go into a mini rage or temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way, they became frustrated, or someone did something they didn’t like around them, it may be a clear indication that they struggle with anger management. Unfortunately, learning to deal with anger isn’t inherent. Often, it is taught. If the student isn’t getting the education on how to deal with their anger at home, it can be beneficial to introduce it to them in the classroom.

There are countless scenarios that you can observe in the classroom. Virtually anything that you deem as “unacceptable behavior” can likely be corrected when you show them how to positively respond.

If you have students who are struggling, the best way to help them is to introduce SEL. Eldventir can provide you with an online educational platform that provides you with collaborative activities and a wide array of resources to teach students while being able to follow their progress.

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