SEL Adventures Sponsors GG4L for Deploying More EdTech

Classroom environments are quickly changing, and one of the primary drivers of this positive change are EdTech products. Global Grid for Learning (GGL4) is a public organization that enables schools to adopt sustainable and useful EdTech solutions. The organization also leads the ‘Safer Schools in America’ (SSA) initiative to disperse information about school safety and personal safety. The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Adventures platform is also a part of the SSA now. The students benefit from the synergies between the shared goals of the SEL Adventures Platform and GG4L.

More Manageable EdTech

One of the main priorities of GG4L is to make it more manageable for schools to get their data connections under a single management console. It can help to reduce operational expenses while being able to monitor progress within each area too. As such, it would allow a school to use SEL Adventures, along with other EdTech products. SEL Adventures, specifically, can help reduce bullying rates and enable students to make healthier decisions while other programs can help to boost literacy rates, math scores, and more.

Rather than logging into each application separately, GG4L serves as a single dashboard. From there, schools can track the progress of their students. Imagine being able to see how each application is helping your students.

Safe Connections

Data is a critical aspect of EdTech. Students are logging in from mobile devices. Various forms of data are being sent to the student and sent to the classroom and the school. SEL Adventures focuses on the macro data instead of the individual, and GG4L provides a secure atmosphere so that districts can choose what data is and isn’t shared. It allows them to maintain data privacy in the areas where it matters most.

GG4L has become a game changer when it comes to creating a collaborative platform to introduce more educational technology into classrooms. With SEL Adventures, Middle schoolers can focus on fun animated characters by interacting with videos and comic strips while learning about morals and ethics. Their progress is measured and sent to a dashboard, allowing teachers, faculty, and even district personnel see the statistics. There’s no more wondering about whether students are getting the right lesson plans. Teachers have more access to various forms of teaching so that students are more likely to stay interested in the curriculum. On-demand applications like SEL Platform can be deployed fast by connecting to the global grid that GG4L has created.

Aligns with CASEL 5 Competencies

SEL Adventures is designed following the CASEL competencies to reach more students so that more are learning how to be well-rounded individuals who can make a difference in their communities. It is designed to educate students about self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness.

SEL Adventures & GGL4

With SEL Adventures sponsoring GG4L, the goal is to give all qualified schools, and students access to the SEL curriculum that SEL Adventures Platform has developed. Their financial background should not stop them from benefitting from the expertly designed learning experience that is SEL Adventures.


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