Get ready to transform your classroom experience
with SEL Adventures!

At SEL Adventures, each lesson is carefully tailored to develop Social Emotional Learning competencies.

Our platform offers activities that promote reflection, collaboration & teamwork, sharing and, creativity to explore and work through different skills, impacting not only students’ lives but the overall school community.

Each program includes:


Lesson plans and tutorials designed to guide you through the platform and its content, as well as whitepapers & blogs to keep you updated in relevant topics.


Pre-post tests to deliver metrics
reports are broken down by group,
gender, skill and teacher. It can
help you keep track of your
students’ performance.


12 months of unlimited access to the program’s content & exclusive administrator features.

Our programs

School Climate Program

This program will promote the creation of new habits and behaviors by teaching four key social and emotional competencies:
  • Empathy
  • Stress and anger management
  • Building positive relationships
  • Responsible decision-making
A positive school climate is the result.

School Climate Program in Spanish

This program is designed in Spanish for your English Language Learners students to help them reduce the cultural gap by learning four key social and emotional competencies:
  • Empatía
  • Control de estrés y enojo
  • Relaciones positivas
  • Toma responsable de decisiones
A positive school climate is the result.

Addiction Prevention Program in Spanish

With this program, your English Language Learners students will develop the tools to reduce risk factors and prevent consumption of toxic substances through:
  • Autoconcimiento
  • Resistencia a la presión social
  • Empatía
  • Expresión de emociones
  • Planeación a futuro
  • Solución de problemas/ Toma responsable de decisiones

Addiction Prevention Program

With this program, students will develop the tools to reduce risk factors and prevent consumption of toxic substances, through:
  • Self awareness
  • Resistance to peer pressure
  • Empathy
  • Emotions display
  • Future Planning
  • Problem-solving/Responsible decision-making

Open in case of emergency!

Help kids and adolescents to enhance their communication skills, showing their empathy and developing creativity proposing a new way to face life situations.
  • Socio-environmental empathy
  • Affective and assertive communication
  • How to be creative during emergencies


Our lessons use the cognitive-behavioral method, in which students combine practical learning with personal growth and fun.
The method aims to replace problematic behaviors with healthy alternatives.

The model contains the following aspects:

of optimal student
relationships between
teacher & students
& monitoring

Implementation is key!

SEL Adventures provides a classroom program for middle school students and teachers. Students are guided by teachers and benefit from collaborative exercises and a healthy exchange of opinions.

The teacher is a change agent, who can analyze and modify behavior through gamified tools. The program is recommended to be used weekly or biweekly for 50 minutes per session

Even though the lessons have a chronological order, the content can be applied independent of its sequence, and as frequently as needed.

The teacher does not need specialized training to use the content. An implementation guide is included and sufficient for effective execution.

Want to impact students at your school by developing SEL skills?

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