Mauricio Santillán

CEO Visionaria Group, Co-Founder

Mauricio is the CEO of Visionaria Group, a holding of technology-based companies that specializes in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Education.
He had a recognized executive career at Microsoft as a General Manager of the subsidiaries in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In 2003, he concluded his 16-year career in this company as Vice-President of the Intercontinental Region. To date, he has been the only Mexican named Officer at Microsoft.
He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from UNAM and a Diploma in Corporate Finance from ITAM. In 2007, he finished his Senior Business Management studies at IPADE - Mexico. In 2017, he got his master’s degree in Data Management and Innovation from the OBS School and the Barcelona University.
Mauricio has a positive record of investments in companies that he helps to grow and eventually sell.

Isabel Parrado


Izzy is the Academic Advisor at Eldventir Adventures, with a special focus on The School District of Palm Beach County.
She has more than 37 years of experience as an educator & school Counselor at secondary level. She earned her BA degree from the University of Florida and her Master of Education in School Counseling and guiding services for K-12 Education from Florida Atlantic University.
She was named Middle School Counselor of the Year 2014, by the Florida School Counselor Association’s (FSCA).

Iván Aguilera

Content Director

Ivan oversees the application of the content in our platform. He is an expert combining creative and practical skills to apply theories and research mechanisms to obtain a better didactic performance. He obtained a Master in Thinking Abilities in Mexico, and owns over ten years of experience as a specialist creator and manager of educational projects.
He has the ability to design, analyze, investigate, and offer solutions to challenges, framed by his research background.

Blanca Cervantes

Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder

Blanca manages the design and development of integral educational processes using technology.
Blanca joined Grupo Visionaria in 2010. Since then she has been dedicated to develop educational programs through interactive digital media to prevent school violence, addictions and obesity. She looks after the administration and management of new projects through public and private funds.
She has a degree in Economics from UP in Mexico and a master’s in Digital Business from ISDI School.
For over 4 years, she has been immersed in the study of social and cognitive skills development, commonly known as skills for LIFE - a fundamental tool in the students development.
She has actively participated in various forums related to education such as Bett Latam, EDU “4 me” and addiction forums promoted by the Institute for Attention and Prevention of Addictions, Conadic and Gonzalo Río Arronte Foundation.

David Beecher

Senior Advisor

David has had a storied career as an educator, administrator, coach, consultant and noble volunteer. David currently collaborates as a senior advisor for Eldventir Adventures. He is also the owner/partner of Sound Consulting, a new company which advises families and non-profits. David obtained his graduate studies from Harvard University.
David has a vast educational experience. He served for 17 years as the Headmaster of Hillside School highlighted by his successful, positive working relationship with Board of Trustees. Additionally, he increased and improved Hillside’s visibility and reputation in the community. During David’s tenure, there he and his team doubled the enrollment, raised funds and built new facilities valued at $30 million, and increased the enrollment more than 200%.

Randi Schietz

Curriculum Development Specialist

Randi is a content expert at Eldventir Adventures. She is responsible for the construction of platform lessons.
Dr. Schietz has spent over 25 years as a school counselor for the School District of Palm Beach County where she served as President of the Palm Beach School Counselor Association and was also a member of the District School Counseling Advisory Council.
In 2015, she was awarded as the "Elementary School Counselor of the Year" in Palm Beach County and "School Counselor Advocate of the Year" in the State of Florida.
She owns a Ph.D. in Counseling and she acts as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Counseling of Nova Southeastern University.
She has published key research on the effects of the “Girl Squad” to help reduce aggression among 5th grade girls and help them transitioning to middle school.