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Help kids and adolescents to enhance their communication skills, showing their empathy and developing creativity proposing a new way to face life situations.

SEL Adventures offers institutions, organisms, foundations, and educational leaders the program Open in case of emergency!, which has the objective of surpassing all the new challenges formed by the COVID-19 and it also brings solutions to the problems that may be found while isolating to avoid spreading the virus.

The program Open in case of emergency! is for middle school students and it is also available in Spanish.

NOTICE: We have limited the licenses to thirty (30) per group due to high demand.

If you wish to register more than one group, please write an email to

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What happens after completing the registration form?

You will be receiving a confirmation mail with your registration. In 24 hours, you will receive a mail with your access to the platform, as well as necessary information to set your account and start using “Open in case of emergency!” with your class.

Why do I receive a booklet as part of my working kit if “Open in case of emergency!” is used online?

In SEL Adventures we want to surpass all the obstacles that affect the socioemotional learning process in kids and teenagers, that’s why we give you access to the booklet, so it can be used by those students with internet connection problems or with other situations that don't allow them work online using the program.

SEL Adventures programs are used through a 5 mb internet connection.

Professors and students must have access to computer equipment, laptops and tablets so “Open in case of emergency!” can be used.

Program characteristics »

We work by developing 3 abilities:

  1. Socio-environmental empathy, reflect on changes in the environment and our ways of dealing with them individually and collectively.

  2. Affective and assertive communication, use communication as a tool to feel safe, informed and calm in an emergency situation.

  3. How to be creative during emergencies. We can use creative thinking as a way of working in emergency situations.
Pedagogical purpose »

This program is designed to work from a socio-emotional aspect.

Technical requirements »

Technical requirements for laptops and computers:

  • Operative system: Windows 8 / MacOS, any version of 64 bits / Chrome OS.
  • Web browsers: Safari / Chrome.
  • Bandwidth: 5 MBs for approximately 10 devices.

Technical requirements for tablets:

  • Operative system: Android 6.0 / IOS 10.
  • Web browsers: Safari / Chrome.
  • 5 MBs for approximately 10 devices.
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Recommended software to complete your experience »

To continue working online with your students, it’s important to have a technological resource that makes the communication easier between everyone in real time. There are many options, and we recommend you the following ones:

  • Microsoft Teams:
    Microsoft offers you Microsoft Teams, which is free and permits organizations and schools to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Google Classroom:
    It’s a free platform, and your school only needs to create an account on G Suite for Education so you can use Classroom along with your students.