Kids like to play at school: 4 ways to bring innovation into the classroom

As educators, the biggest challenges are capturing student’s attention and educating children to the greatest extent possible. To accomplish these goals principals are considering gamification to bring innovation into the classroom.

Gamification is an innovative way to transform typical academic components into games themes. The more engaged your students are with the learning process, the more they will internalize the learned skills.

Gamification describes the process of applying game-related principles to non-game contexts. It operates under the assumption that the kind of engagement that gamers experience with games can be translated to an educational context, facilitating learning and influencing student behavior.

Gamification in learning involves incorporating game elements to motivate learners. Some of these elements include the following:


According to Interaction Design Foundation; a non-profit educational organization, gamification projects can benefit from storytelling features; these features can help arouse emotional connections with players. They can enhance the player experience and improve the longevity and fun factor of the gamified features.

“In its simplest form, storytelling remains a powerful element of communication, with the narrative being equally as compelling as essays and textbooks.”.


Comics are beneficial to learning in the classroom, provide narrative experiences for students, and images to support the text. Students can analyze specific situations, reflect on their emotions and find empathetic solutions or assertive decisions.

Gamification projects can benefit from this tool. Medikidz, for example, is a global initiative dedicated to teaching young people medical information in a simple way. Eldventir SEL platform is a program that develops prosocial behaviors and safe school climate through comics and interactive tools to put into practice socio-emotional skills such as empathy.

Mind maps

Mind maps are an easy way to brainstorm thoughts organically. It allows learners to visually structure their ideas and concepts.

For every student, learning new information can be overwhelming and mind maps are the best tool to clarify the material.  


Interactive videos enable the teacher to communicate with their students in an innovative way. Visually represent situations for analysis and reflection. The teacher can open a discussion or ask the students to reflect on what they have seen on the video.

Benefits of digital literacy

Eldventir SEL platform is an educational platform for the Elementary and Middle school aged students to develop prosocial behaviors and attitudes, that lead to positive relationships.

Through comics, videos, video games, mind maps, and graphic representations, students acquire social-emotional skills like empathy, self-knowledge, future planning, decision making, and anger regulation.

Teachers, school counselors, and principals are invited to run a free demo of Eldventir SEL Platform at their school, bringing innovation into the classroom and promoting an emotional learning climate.

Get in touch with Eldventir. Contact to run a free Empathy module in your school.


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