How the SEL Adventures Platform is Aligned with the 5 CASEL Core Competencies

Using the right platform in the classroom can help you with social-emotional learning. Middle school-grade children can learn how to manage their own behaviors while being more socially aware of what’s going on around them. SEL Adventures has aligned with the five CASEL core competencies in order to help students get the help that they need.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has five core competencies:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-management
  3. Social awareness
  4. Relationship skills
  5. Responsible decision-making

These five competencies help students to become better-rounded. They are able to make better decisions regarding how they behave in certain situations while also learning how to be empathetic towards fellow students.

In the classroom, it can be difficult to teach these competencies. SEL Adventures is a platform that can be used in an educational setting so that middle-schoolers can have the social-emotional training that they need to function more effectively in the classroom and throughout life.

The Components of SEL Adventures

There are quite a few components in SEL Adventures to help with social-emotional learning. This includes a focus on empathy, positive relationships, anger and stress management, and responsible decision making. These pair well with the CASEL competencies to ensure that students can not only become self-aware but also situationally aware. They’re more likely to help a student in need as opposed to bullying them for their differences.

Further, there are a number of resources that SEL Adventures uses in order to help with the learning. This ensures that students can connect with the messages in a way that works for them. Some of the resources include:

– Storytelling

– Drawing tools

– Decisional balances

– Concept maps

– Comics

With these resources, students find it fun and exciting to use the platform online. Teachers are able to choose what resources to use. Plus, there is progress analysis of the students, making it easier to provide personalized lessons to the students. Reports can be sent home to parents so that it’s easier to maintain the relationships and ensure that students are using their interpersonal skills at home.

Providing the Needed Help

It’s been proven time and again that students aren’t getting all of the help that they need to manage their behavior and stress at home. It’s why there’s more bullying going on and why so many students are graduating high school without being able to make ethical choices.

The CASEL competencies have been created to ensure that social and emotional learning is broken down into digestible bites. The SEL Adventures platform then takes the information to ensure that students can assess their emotions, effectively regulate them, and have empathy for others. Additionally, the various resources allow students to build their relationship skills so that they know how to function around their classmates in a healthier way.