How SEL Adventures Affects the School Climate

Healthy school climate provides safety to students, creates a fertile ground for learning, offers support systems, and helps them grow as individuals. This breeds a positive environment where teachers can interact with students effectively, and students can communicate easily with each other. However, fights, bullying, disturbing emotions, and other such issues can make students act out. In such an environment, even dedicated teachers will find themselves unable to inspire their students to learn. Instead, they will end up wasting time disciplining the students.

SEL Adventures can help students and teachers overcome these challenges by educating them on social-emotional learning. Here is how it drives the school towards a positive climate.

Throwing Light on a Critical Aspect

Social-emotional learning allows schools to undertake a multi-faceted approach to learning and student development. SEL Adventures allows students to learn the skills and attitudes to manage emotions better, set positive goals and achieve them, channel empathy, forge healthy relationships, and make better decisions.

When schools and school districts identify the social and emotional needs of the students and address them, students find a way to direct their emotions. They now have a structured curriculum that helps them understand their issues and talk about them. This leads to a positive environment in the school.

Better Relationship Among Students

SEL Adventures is committed to providing students with the social and emotional skills that are essential for their holistic development. Under the SEL Adventures platform, students are taught to feel and show empathy to others, establish & maintain positive relationships, and manage their emotions. Irrespective of their color, culture, and upbringing, students develop an understanding of each other’s behaviors. They understand themselves and others better. This automatically reduces the incidences of bullying and other negative behaviors.

Students learn assertiveness, impulse control, effective communication, problem-solving, embracing diversity, and more skills. If you look closely, these skills are not only crucial for a better school environment but also prepare the students to be a useful part of a successful workplace. With students turning into productive elements of their communities, there will be reduced cases of criminal activities, substance abuse, domestic violence, and other such anti-social behavior. So, the positive dividend will not only be enjoyed by the schools but the communities, at large.

Improve Student-Teacher Cooperation

School districts’ budgets are often spread thin dealing with behavioral issues, addressing bullying problems, setting up counseling support, and more. Vital resources like teachers often find themselves limited by the role of the disciplinarian they are compelled to play. Bullying and school violence are real problems that affect both teachers and students and create a tense environment.

SEL Adventures fosters greater cooperation, not just among students but also between teachers and students as well. Apart from helping schools to better deal with the student issues, SEL Adventures also encourages students to become more open with teachers and motivate them to learn. Such a camaraderie among the students and teachers creates a healthy and nurturing environment at the school.

Schools are a reflection of the future communities that we are building. SEL Adventures helps in creating a more accepting and welcoming environment for students. Students learn the social-emotional skills required to create a path towards success, irrespective of where they come from. And that is the definition of a healthy school.


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