How Can SEL Help Develop Both IQ and EQ?

Social- emotional learning helps in developing the emotional quotient, which helps students in creating a healthier environment for learning more and improving IQ.

A recent study across US schools brought out startling results. Students and educators in schools were asked how they would describe their time in school.

Students answered – Tired, stressed, and bored

Educators answered – Frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed

The survey was conducted across 22,000 students and 6,000 educators in the United States by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. It is clear that the current style of learning is not boding well for students or the teachers. It cannot lead to a healthy or an optimum learning environment. The pressure to do well in school is taking its toll on everyone. Social emotional learning is a part of the solution that can help to improve the school environment by improving both the IQ and the EQ among students. Here’s how.

Increased Awareness

Social-emotional learning helps students understand their emotions and of those around them. When they feel bored, they can actually look inward and find the reasons for it. This kind of exercise will help them build self-awareness. This is the first step to developing a higher EQ. When they know the root cause of their boredom, they can either eliminate it or find something that actually interests them. When they focus all their energy on something they enjoy learning, it will help them look at problems differently and find innovative solutions. This will help them hone their problem solving skills and their IQ.

Being Empathetic

Social-emotional learning does not only help students to be aware of their emotions, but also become sensitive to the non-verbal cues that people around them show. With empathy, they will be able to develop positive peer relationships. Such positive peer relationships will also encourage them to come to school regularly and provide them an avenue to share their feelings as well as ideas. They do not need to feel stressed anymore. With such a healthy environment at school, they will learn more academically too.


As their positive peer relationships at school multiply, they will learn to work in teams. Irrespective of the task at hand or the difficulty of the impending exams, they will never feel overwhelmed. The social emotional learning has helped them to create a support system at school which always has their back. This is the kind of support that will take away undue pressure from their mind and help them perform well.

Social-Emotional Learning is Critical for Students

Social-emotional learning directly helps in improving the EQ of the students and indirectly has a positive impact on their IQ as well. SEL Adventures has created targeted programs for middle schoolers to help them develop social and emotional skills that will not just help them do better in school, but help them succeed in their careers, relationships, and other spheres of life.


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