Find out the benefits of bringing innovation into classrooms

Most of the educators think that innovation has a central role in today’s education, but many of them are facing multiple challenges to implement new technologies in the classroom. Two of the most common challenges towards said implementation are workload and time constraints.  Also, principals have a relevant role in this process.

The national survey conducted by Education Week Research Center and applied to nearly 500 K-12 teachers, principals, and district leaders, defines innovation as “the introduction and/or creation of new ideas or methods”. Said survey also analyzed the challenges facing educators to bring innovation to their classrooms.

Teachers have a key role towards changing the classroom experience; each  teacher must be focused on developing innovative pedagogies to foster creative learning in their students. To support this, the study mentioned earlier revealed that the majority of educators (57%) say innovation will be a high or very high priority for them in 2019, and that the most important factor when it comes to innovation is the teacher.

Additionally, 43% of educators reported that administrators are the primary source of pressure to be innovative, for this reason, it is essential that educators put their efforts to design a creative classroom that brings innovation and modernization to the learning and teaching processes. This type of scopes promote the development of skills such as collaborative work, positive relationships, and empathy.

Teachers need to support in principals. Actually, the role of  the principal regarding innovation in the classroom is also relevant. Today’s principals are expected to meet the increasing expectations of the scholar community for the provision of relevant, significant, and engaging learning experiences that intend to form, not only good students, but also  better human beings.

Principals are the key leadership roles in schools and their influence is a significant contributing factor to school’s success. Principals must be prepared to respond to the changing dynamics of this era, and they need to understand the importance schools have in developing innovative and successful leaders.

Here are some benefits of innovation in classrooms:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, because learners enjoy the process and the outcome.
  • Promotes thinking and problem-solving.
  • Improves students the ability to focus, because the act of creating something requires dedication and commitment.
  • Promotes risk-taking.

With Eldventir SEL Platform, teachers and principals will bring innovation to their classrooms. The platform encourages students to practice and model social-emotional skills, through gamified tools such as storytelling, videos, comics, decisional balances, and more.

The program, available also in Spanish, focuses on elementary and middle-school-aged students. Eldventir is based on the cognitive-behavioral approach, where the students can model, rehearse, and practice social-emotional skills through playful and interactive activities.

Teachers, school counselors, and principals are invited to run a free Empathy module at their school. Get in touch with Eldventir!

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