IV. WHY CHOOSE SEL Adventures?


1. What is SEL?
SEL stands for Social and emotional learning, the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. SEL is a deeply ingrained part of the way students and adults interact both in the classroom and out of it, and helps provide children with equitable, supportive, and welcoming learning environments. (Source: https://casel.org/what-is-sel/)

2. What are the benefits of implementing SEL in my school?
SEL helps students process and integrate their social and emotional skills in and out of school. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Long-term SEL culture.
  • Improved academic engagement.
  • Improved sense of community.
  • Fewer behavioral problems.
  • Positive, prosocial behavior.
  • Less emotional distress in students.

SEL benefits are often straightforward or even intuitive, however, they actually need to be learned—mostly through observation, experience, and direct guidance. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn such concepts at home, and for those that do, these cognitive and behavioral developments are not reinforced in most public learning settings.
SEL is a process, and therefore requires time, patience, and especially educators that are committed to providing a safe and caring learning environment. (Source: https://ofy.org/blog/four-major-benefits-of-socialemotional-learning/)

3. Are there any SEL proven results?
(Source: http://www.casel.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/2017-META-ANALYSIS-SUMMARY-final2.pdf)

4. What academic levels are targeted through SEL Adventures?
Our current programs, School Climate Program and Addiction Prevention Program (both in English and Spanish versions) are designed for Middle School students.


1. How do I buy a license?
Go to www.sel-adventures.com. Click on “SHOPPING CART”

2. What is the duration of the license?
Each license includes 12 Months of unlimited, non-transferrable access for 1 student per program, unlimited licenses for teachers and administrators.

3. How can I launch a lesson?
As a teacher, go to “Programs”, select the program you want to run. Next select the desired group under the tag “Choose an option”. Finally, select the skill & corresponding lesson lesson and click on “play”. Enjoy your lesson!

4. Is there an online tutorial on how to use the platform?
Yes, a guided video is available on your principal or teacher dashboard, you can find it here: [INSERT IMAGE/LINK]

5. How can I see the results of the program?
SEL Adventures provides several types of metrics reports to measure the progress of different skills in your groups, teachers, etc. This will provide a visual representation of the fluctuations per skill before and after covering all the corresponding lessons.

6. What are the differences between English & Spanish programs?
The only difference is the language; ELL programs are in Spanish. However, the skills tackled are the same and contain the same activities and tools as English programs.


1. What are the infrastructure requirements to run the program?
Operating System: Windows 8 / MacOS any 64-bit version / ChromeOS
Supported browsers: Safari / Chrome
Bandwidth: 10 Mbs for an average of 10 devices

Operating System: Android 6.0 or higher / iOS 10 or higher
Supported browsers: Safari / Chrome
Bandwidth: 10 Mbs for an average of 10 devices

2. What information about my current license(s) will I need to renew?
A couple of months before the end of the school year, the advisor assigned to your school will contact you to offer you the renewal plans.

3. I can’t remember my username/password, what can I do?
As principal: the principal/admin user is always the registered email; If you do not remember the registered email or password, send an email to support @ sel-adventures to request the recovery of your information.
As a Teacher: Ask your principal or coordinator as they must have the complete list of your usernames & passwords. As a Student: Ask your teacher Your teacher should have the complete list of your usernames & passwords.

4. How can I upload teachers & students?
Only Administrator/Principal users can register students and teachers. To add a teacher, go to the "Users Management" section and click on the "Add users" button, you can download an excel format to upload several teachers at once or as a unit by filling in the requested teacher data. To upload students go to the "Grades Groups" section, you can create a new group with the "Add group" button and upload your student list or add them together, assign a teacher and the programs you require, remember that each license is valid for One user per program. If you want to add a new student to an existing group go to Grades and Groups and click on "Group detail" of the group to which you want to add new students, then click on "Add students" and fill in the requested information, no forget that you need to have licenses available. If you need more information check the guides in the "Downloads" section on the platform.

5. What is the maximum and minimum recommended number of students?
We recommend having a minimum suggested of 6 students per class and a maximum suggested of 25 students per class to promote a better learning experience.


1. Which is the pedagogic method behind SEL Adventures?
Our lessons are designed under the cognitive-behavioral method in which students emulate, rehearse and put into practice skills with fun, interactive proposals. This method considers that behaviors are learned in various ways: through one’s own experience, the observation of others, through processes of classical or operating conditioning, through language, as well as through collaborative work, etc. Throughout their lives, people develop learning that is incorporated into their life stories, which can be problematic or functional.

2. What are SEL Adventures’ benefits for districts?
Social benefits coming from the implementation of SEL

3. What are SEL Adventures’ benefits for a private school?
Considering Private Schools don’t need time to prepares for state exams, there is more time to implement SEL in their academic curriculum. This can be translated into more value for the students as they are dedicating more time to learn about socio emotional skills.

4. Is there a specific sequence to impart the lessons?
No, SEL Adventures is designed with no specific order, allowing flexibility for teachers to design and plan his/her class accordingly, displaying the skills with the order they prefer, as many times they require to.

Want to impact students at your school by developing SEL skills?

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