English Language Learners increasing in the USA

An English Language Learner is a student who uses another language in addition to, or other than, English. The number of English language learners (ELs) in public schools in the U.S. is nearing 5 million.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2015, the percentage of public school students who were ELs was 10.0 percent or more in eight states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington), and Consolidated State Performance Reports for 2015-16 show that K-12 ELs account for about 10% of all students.

A majority of ELs are born in the U.S. but many of them are having difficulties in speaking, listening, reading or writing in the English language.

Poverty, cultural differences and the complexities of learning classroom content and language simultaneously cause ELs to be behind their peers in academic achievement.

According to the study “Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition”, high anxiety and low self-confidence can cause an English learner to make it extremely difficult to acquire another language.

Integrating SEL with academic learning has several benefits, including fewer instances of bullying and higher graduation rates. SEL in classrooms has a positive impact on students, teachers, and society at large. Want to impact kids at your school developing SEL skills?

Stand Tall Against Bullying Educational Program, for the elementary and middle school aged students, develops prosocial behaviors and attitudes that lead to positive relationships and a healthy climate in and outside the classroom. The program is available in English and Spanish languages.


  • Builds effective patterns of acceptable civil behavior.
  • Acquire social engagement skills and verbal responses through group practice.
  • SEL skills-based lessons that promote a safe and positive school climate.
  • Enhances personal confidence in students to deal effectively with life challenges and situations.

For further information about SEL learning along with tips for developing social-emotional skills at your school, click  http://sitio.eldventir.com/en/, and contact paula.sanchez@visionaria.com to run a free pilot within your community.


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