Teaching Moral While Making It Fun

Most kids, especially by middle school, can spot a lesson in morality from a mile away. They don’t want to be taught morals. However, in order for you to make sure that students are better equipped to be law-abiding citizens with a strong moral compass, lessons have to be included in the classroom. The good news is that there are ways to make it fun with SEL Adventures learning platform.

Use Fun Characters

Rather than simply reading a book that has a strong moral lesson weaved throughout it, make sure that the lesson includes fun characters. SEL Adventures uses fantasy-driven characters that students are drawn to. Middle schoolers can identify with the characters. They become caught up in a world that is created and don’t even realize that they’re being taught about morals.

With characters, they learn about morality through them instead of making it feel as though it’s all about them. Especially when students are learning about morals, no one wants to be made to feel as though they need to improve.

Choose Various Methods of Learning

Students get bored inside of the classroom. Much of it is because the lessons seem to be taught the same way, day in and day out. There are four types of learners: auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Most students learn in a combination of ways. However, if you choose to teach by lecture only, you may not be getting through to students effectively.

Don’t be afraid to vary things up. Instead of reading aloud, use a group method with role-playing. Have everyone watch a video. Let everyone write a story to focus on a specific moral. By changing it up, you can be sure that students have that “aha” moment when it comes to morals.

Use an Online Platform

When you want to teach morals and make it fun, it’s also important that you don’t add more work for yourself. You spend enough time creating lesson plans. The last thing you want to do is create yet another one. This is why it’s important to use an online platform where the lesson plans have already been created. All you have to do is follow along.

With SEL Adventures, you can be sure that your students have fun with morality lessons. They can find out more about ethics and how to make positive decisions without feeling as though they’re learning. They’ll have fun with the fantasy-focused characters, comics, videos, and more while learning how to tell the difference between right and wrong.

You can introduce the online platform into the classroom once a week for an hour at a time. It will allow your students to get the information they need while being in an environment that is comfortable and stimulating.

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Explore What the New SEL Adventures Website Has to Offer

SEL Adventures is excited to launch a new website, focusing on how changing a student’s behavior can impact their lives. Social-emotional learning is implemented through the SEL Adventures platform, all backed by the core CASEL competencies.

Our website includes a lot of statistics to ensure that schools see the value in introducing SEL skills in the classroom. For example, SEL skills can lead to a 13% higher academic performance. High school graduation rates can increase by as high as 6%, too.

What is EdTech?

SEL Adventures is the perfect example of EdTech, otherwise known as Educational Technology. It allows teachers to focus on social-emotional challenges inside of the classroom.

There are a few unique aspects of the SEL Adventures Model:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Gamified learning experience
  • Performance SEL tracker

Further, the SEL Adventures model has been recognized by the “Safer Schools in America Impact Grant” initiative.

The Programs

We have added a number of programs to our new website, ensuring that there is more for students and teachers alike.

  • School Climate Program (in English and Spanish)
  • Addiction Prevention Program (in English and Spanish)
  • Educators SEL Program

Implementation is of the utmost importance. Teachers will have tools that will help them to analyze and modify behavior in the classroom. The program is designed to be used weekly or biweekly for 50-minute sessions.

Middle school students can benefit from the classroom program by learning about empathy, decision making, anger management, and positive relationships.

In order to test out the programs and meet the SEL Adventures characters, a demo can be requested. All of the SEL Adventures characters are based on mythology and are easily relatable to middle school students. Due to the fantasy aspect, students are immediately drawn into the lessons.

The platform can be accessed via laptops, PCs, and tablets. It offers flexibility and lessons can be implemented without significant preparation, ensuring that teachers don’t have to spend hours on activity planning.


Our new SEL Adventures SEL platform website offers a significant amount of resources. If you have been looking for SEL training materials to introduce into a school district, a school, or a classroom, we have all of the information you need in order to present SEL Adventures to the decision makers. This includes a Slideshow for the Principal and the Teacher, white papers, and, of course, our blog.

We can’t wait to unveil the new website, providing you with more resources and more information about the various programs. Middle school students can get the training that they need while having fun with the material. Stay tuned for more about the website launch date.