• Benefits

    • Lessons can be implemented without prior preparation
    • Access to the platform through any tablet, PC, or laptop
    • Flexibility to choose among different skills depending on needs


    • Long-term SEL culture
    • Higher academic engagement
    • Increased sense of community
    • Lower school suspension rates
    • Improved grades and test scores
    • Positive school environment
    • Safer schools
  • Benefits

    • Intuitive and teacher-friendly interface
    • Dashboard to keep track of student SEL progress
    • Training guide support


    • Stronger teacher-student relationship
    • Enhanced classroom engagement
  • Benefits

    • Gamified content to engage students throughout technology


    • Lower stress levels at school
    • Positive relationships among students
    • Better understanding of emotions
    • Less negative student behaviors such as bullying
    • Positive attitudes about self and others
  • Impact

    • Assurance that children are learning life-long skills
    • Positive relationships within the family
    • Tranquility that children are in a safe school-climate

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