Are American Students Getting Angrier?

A recent survey by Gallup in 2018found that more than half the Americans were stressed for the most part of the day. Of course, stress has a direct bearing on their behavior, and it does. The study also found that more than 1 in 5 Americans felt frequently angry. Such behavior can be seen both among adults as well as students across the country. This anger often manifests itself in the seemingly neverending school shootings, which have unfortunately become a common occurrence. They have grown from 59 in 2006 to 94 in 2018. But, what is the reason for so much anger among students? Let’s find out.

Lack of Emotional Control

Studies conducted at prestigious institutions like the Stanford University have shown that different people respond to negative emotional stimulus differently. And they have concluded that people can control their response to them. So, a student has control over whether they want to feel angry or not. And the anger only intensifies when they find that other people around them also feel the same. So, when they are surrounded by an environment of anger either at home, school or peer group, they are bound to feel angrier.

Loss of Connection

Emotional research over the years has consistently shown that negative emotions have a dampening effect on the social development of a child. When they feel sad, hate, envy, and other such emotions, students become less adaptable and lose touch with the people around them. They feel isolated, which in turn makes them feel angry towards everyone. Love, gratitude, joy, and other positive emotions help students to connect with other people and appreciate the similarities they share, rather than obsess on the differences.

Information from All Sides

Students are bombarded with information from all directions, especially in the internet era. It was easier to shield kids from violence in the pre-internet era, but parents and teachers today only have so much control. Students have access to all kinds of information and they are connected to all kinds of people over social media, which feeds into their anger and amplifies it.

Filling in the Knowledge Gap

It is ironic that in an era that is characterized by information overload, a widening knowledge gap also exists. And the responsibility falls upon the shoulders of the parents, teachers, and the schools to bridge it. While American students are getting angrier, research in the field of emotional intelligence is also going strong. Social and emotional learning is becoming a potent tool in helping the students to take control of their emotions, consciously choose their influencers, and improve their quality of life. SEL Adventures has helped schools and students to achieve this goal in an interesting and comprehensive manner. Schools should help students control their anger and help them grow into healthy individuals who can take complete control of their lives.

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