5 ways to use Instagram in the Classroom

Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm, with no signs of stopping soon.

According to Wordstream, there are 800 million people on Instagram (IG), and a third of the users are teenagers. Teachers across the world are finding ways to use this social media to engage with their students.

1. Create a classroom account

IG can be a safe and fun social media tool for you and your students. The first thing you want to do, as a teacher, is to create a classroom account. This account should only be used for class-related things and only followed by students and their parents, according to “The Tech Advocate.

2. Learning networks

IG is a great place for you to find like- minded educators and groups to connect with. Instagram uses hashtags that will help you to connect with other educators and you can learn about lesson ideas and new technologies in education.

3. Help Students

Teachers can also use Instagram to help students. You can post project reminders, homeworks or you can share reading recommendations.

4. Use hashtags

A simple way to extend your learning is through hashtags. They are an easy way to find relevant information related to education. You can search for places, people, posts, and tags with specific or general information, for example: #classroomorganization, #teacherfollowteachers, #classroomideas.

5. Connect with other educators

A great benefit of using IG is the ability to connect with other educators. Connecting with other teachers is a great way to get new ideas in the classroom.







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