5 Ways to Introduce SEL Material Without Boring Your Students

Classrooms tend to be boring. When you’re trying to get a social-emotional lesson to “stick” with your students, you want to make sure that you’re not in lecture mode. Often, if you use the same method of introducing material, lesson after lesson, you’re not going to get through to your students.

Whether you’re teaching them math, reading, history, or even ethics, there are a few ways to introduce material that can be more effective.

1.Gamify the Lessons

Remember that you’re teaching middle school-aged children. They play games all the time. They may be playing games on the computer, mobile device, or game console when they’re not at school. They are familiar with competing against one another and against the clock. By taking this into consideration, you can gamify some of the lessons that you’re teaching so that kids are more likely to respond to the material.

If you have Internet access, you can certainly find various learning platforms that will provide you with games. However, you can get creative, too. Even turning a spelling lesson into a game of Wheel of Fortune or a history lesson into a game of Jeopardy can be more exciting. You may be surprised by how well your students respond to the new format.

2.Focus on Their Interests

The last thing you want to do is forget that you are teaching children. You need to focus on their interests so that the material resonates more effectively with them. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose what they can and can’t learn. This means that you may be stuck teaching them world history or Shakespeare. However, focus on some of their interests so that they are more likely to stay tuned in. For example, use characters that are intriguing and use TV and movie references whenever possible.

3.Encourage Participation

Encourage as much participation in the classroom as possible. Let kids raise their hand in order to answer questions. Have students come to the front of the class in order to present some of the material. This also prevents kids from hiding behind their textbooks throughout the class.

4.Use Different Learning Styles

Don’t be afraid to use a variety of different learning styles. This includes visual, verbal, physical, social, and auditory. Some students may learn using one style over another, changing it up will allow you to reach more kids within the classroom.

5.Talk to the Students

Talk to the students to find out what methods they like the best. If all of the students vote out one particular method, it’s best to eliminate it from your repertoire because it’s not going to help them.

SEL Adventures is an online learning platform that utilizes a variety of presentation methods in order to focus on social-emotional learning. You can introduce morality lessons in the classroom while making it fun for your students.



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