5 Social Engagement Skills to Focus on in the Classroom

Balance needs to be achieved in the classroom. Ultimately, as a teacher, you need to teach students about math, science, grammar, history, and more so that they are properly educated. However, it’s not just about cramming information at them because they also need to retain the information. Focusing on social engagement skills can help with retention while also ensuring that they are effectively engaged in their community now and later on in life.

Build Relationships

The kids inside of the classroom sit next to one another. They’re going to be classmates for an entire year. Rather than letting them learn about each other intermittently through class reports and you calling their name, focus on relationship building. Use online or in-person chats so that you can ensure that interactions are more personalized. As you teach them how to build relationships in the classroom, they can find out how to do this in the real world, too.

Work in a Group

Group activities are an important part of middle school. It allows students to learn that there is no “I” in team. They need to work together in order to achieve a goal. By doing so, they learn how their classmates are different and how to overcome those differences in order to create the project.

Civic Responsibility

Well-rounded individuals have a civic responsibility to strengthen the community that they live in. Most people don’t inherently have this skill – they learn it. You can incorporate service learning into the classroom to build this critical social engagement skill. Focus on community service so that students learn how to interact with their community in a new way, such as beach cleanup or building a home for the less fortunate.

Branch Out

Not all students are outgoing. The shy and quiet students are not going to feel as comfortable raising their hand to ask a question. As such, they may be limited in how they interact socially. Branch out and show them that there are other opportunities, especially in today’s media-driven world. Show how Twitter can be used to post questions in the community.

Learn from One Another

Students should be able to learn from one another, not just from you as the teacher and the textbooks that they are given. Introduce social reading activities, such as those from Eldventir, where students are assigned to read the same book. Use a social reading app where students can read, share, and exchange information that they have learned. It will also show how students interpret some of the text differently.

All sorts of skills can be introduced into the classroom without it taking away from what you’re teaching them. Think outside the box to shake up your lesson plans a little to focus on the social-emotional aspects that will mold your students into better adults. Using Eldventir is a great way to introduce social-emotional learning into the classroom with ease.

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