5 guiding principles for head administrators to implement SEL in their school

SEL instruction takes place every day, in every school setting. With all that must be accomplished in a school day, how can administrators and school staff also make time for socioemotional skills? McGraw Hill Education published “Building Social and Emotional Learning into the School Day: Five Guiding Principles”, a guide to support all stakeholders in the important work of building SEL into the academic day, at every grade level and in every setting.

Researchers found that students who received socioemotional instruction and support programs gained 13 percentile points in academic performance, social skills, behavioral skills, and attitudes over students who did not receive these programs.

Helping students master the five SEL core competencies described by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning CASEL (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills) during a busy school day is not always easy or straightforward. The following 5 guiding principles can be used by school administrators to guide SEL planning and instruction at the school:

Despite the importance of social-emotional learning, principals agree on the multiple challenges they face in successfully implementing an SEL strategy. Some of those are the lack of time to implement the program, lack of comprehensive school counseling SEL plan; no funds or resources allocated or available for implementation.

Eldventir Adventures can help them to innovate in SEL theme through a gamified experience where children learn and put into practice social-emotional skills such as empathy and anger management. Another benefit of implementing Eldventir SEL platform in the classroom is that principals will be able to communicate the results to parents and thus work together for the integral development of the students. Visit Eldventir for more information or contact paula.sanchez@visionaria.com to run a free Empathy pilot.

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