3 educational trends to keep an eye on

Here are 3 of the most important educational trends that will impact the teaching-learning processes in the classroom this year:

Digital Citizenship / Digital Construction

As technology acquires more presence in the classroom, and students interact every day with new technologies, the concept of digital citizenship becomes increasingly relevant. Current times require teachers to see technology as their main ally to strengthen the teaching-learning process.

To achieve the digital competencies required by this generation of data, educators must also be able to develop in their students’ essential skills such as critical thinking, for distinguishing relevant from non-critical information. 

Teach empathy

The rise of new technologies and social networks implies that people spend a lot of time in digital environments, sometimes even forgetting how to build positive relationships with people around them. Therefore, one of the educational trends that school administrators will see this year is the development of empathy in students, through socio-emotional learning. Empathy is the ability to understand the needs, feelings, and problems of others, putting themselves in their place, to be able to respond correctly to their emotional reactions.

When students develop empathy, they will also learn to put in practice leadership skills, collaborative work, kindness, tearn to regulate emotions properly and build positive relationships in and outside the classroom. If you are a teacher, school counselor or principal, visit Eldventir SEL platform  or contact paula.sanchez@visionaria.com to run a free Empathy pilot within your school community.

Social-emotional learning

In order to face the great educational challenges that the world faces, it is no longer enough for the school to limit itself to teaching students what they do not know, but rather to provide meaningful and useful learning in their lives that allows them to adapt to the changing environments. Provide them with skills such as critical, creative, and flexible thinking so they can solve problems in an innovative way.

Social-emotional learning is one of the most important educational trends this year, as more and more educators opt for socio-emotional learning from a humanistic approach, whose purpose is people, human relationships and the environment we inhabit. The development of socio-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion regulation and problem-solving will be the key to enable current students to adapt successfully to an increasingly changing and automated environment. With the Eldventir SEL platform, teachers will be able to develop these 21st-century competencies in their students.

Eldventir is ready to be a partner for educators in an important task as they have: the formation of better human beings. We are the most innovative educational proposal to develop life skills in your students. Children with strong social and emotional skills will become contributing adults to make our world a better place. Get in touch with Eldventir to discuss the school’s needs and how the platform brings innovation to the classroom while developing SEL skills.

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