4 elements not to miss before implementing an effective SEL strategy

McGraw-Hill presented new research titled “Education’s 2018 Social and Emotional Learning Report. In this paper, the organization analyses the impact of social-emotional learning in students and the challenges that principals and teachers have to effectively implement programs based in the development of life skills, such as collaborative work, empathy or self-management.

The report demonstrated that parents and teachers are both interested in developing social-emotional learning in students, however, they don’t know how to implement an effective strategy or they don’t know where to begin. The work of principals is relevant. They are in charge to implement an effective social-emotional program in their scholar community, but many times, they need to confront problems such as lack of comprehensive school counseling SEL plan, or no funds/resources allocated or available for implementation.

A good strategy for them to complete a comprehensive SEL plan is implementing Eldventir Adventures SEL platform: simple to monitor by head administrators and a fun experience that can boost kids’ empathy and other social-emotional skills. Click here for more information.

More than 1,000 people were surveyed in this report and here are 4 key findings for parents and teachers to implement an effective SEL strategy:

Key Finding #1

Administrators report being the most likely to be familiar with SEL, followed by teachers. Parents are significantly less likely to report being familiar with it:

Q: How familiar were you with the concept of social and emotional learning (SEL)?

Key Finding #2

After learning what SEL is, more than four-fifths of parents say it is important that SEL skills are taught in school.

Q: How important is it to you that social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are taught in the classroom at your child(ren)’s school?

Key Finding #3

While a majority of teachers and administrators say SEL is taught at their schools, only 38% of parents claim SEL skills are taught at their child(ren)’s school.

Q: To the best of your knowledge, are social and emotional learning (SEL) skills being taught at your school?

Source: ©2018 McGraw-Hill Education | Social and Emotional Learning Report

Key Finding #4

Teachers view “parental support and engagement” as the top factor that would help them in order to be more effective in teaching SEL.

Q: From the list below, please select the top three factors that you think would help you be more effective when teaching social and emotional (SEL) skills.

If you are a teacher, counselor or school principal, please contact Eldventir Adventures to discuss your school’s needs and how the platform promotes relevant skills in students. Contact paula.sanchez@visionaria.com to run a free Empathy pilot within your school community.


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