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Social Emotional Learning

Why Social Emotional
Learning (SEL)?

By implementing Social Emotional
Learning – through SEL Adventures platform –
students learn to understand and
manage what is going on in their minds
and feelings.

Through Social Emotional Learning, students acquire the skills to:

SEL Adventures in your
school is simple and fun!

SEL Adventures is an innovative EdTech
platform that allows educators to develop
Social Emotional Learning content. It helps
kids to develop life skills to overcome
social-emotional challenges.

Platform journey: discover how it works

The SEL Adventures model

Classroom instruction:

50 minutes-long, teacher-led, interactive lessons. Supported by training guides to take you easily through the content.

Gamified learning experience:

Student engagement, ensured via an interactive combination of reflection and fun.

Performance SEL tracker:

Administrative reports and features measure and monitor SEL school progress and student achievements.

Our content is aligned under CASEL’s 5 Core competencies:

Get to know our programs

Our programs are designed for middle-school students, in both English and Spanish.

School Climate Program

School Climate Program
in Spanish

Open in case of emergency!

Addiction Prevention

Addiction Prevention Program
in Spanish

Impact Initiative: Safer Schools in America

The initiative "Safer Schools in America Impact Grant” has recognized the value and impact of SEL Adventures platform by inviting us to implement our program in 100 schools across the United States. Through this grant, GG4L in partnership with McREL International, will measure student's performance over three years and deliver results every three months.

Want to impact students at your school by developing SEL skills?

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